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Last Date of Nomination 10-08-2015, Last Date of withdrawal 15-08-2015,
VOS Election Date 23-08-2015, Sunday
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46 Days to Go
                Varanasi Ophthalmic Society was established in 1979 and since then it has been very active. Many eminent ophthalmologists like John Aplar, Dr. P. N. Nagpal, Dr. R. P. Dhanda, Pdmabhushan Dr. D. Ram, Dr. J. Agrawal, Dr. S.R.K. Mullick, Dr. Shiv Reddy, Dr. Natchair, Dr. Namperumalsamy, Dr. D. P. Kashyap, Dr. Bopa Roy, Dr. G. Chandra Shekhar and many others have delivered lecture in Varanasi.  and they all participate in varies social and academic activities.
            VOS is a registered Society. It publishes one quarterly magazine regularly. And so Varanasi has kept the sublime torch lit by the great saints Dhanwantary and Shushruta, burning.
VOS Election 2015
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